RiSco Productions LLC was incorporated in 1998 to produce The Last Late Night, a feature film written and directed by Scott Barlow – his first. The movie premiered at the World-Flagstaff Film Festival in November 1999 and went on to screen at 11 film festivals, earning awards and positive reviews. Distribution is pending. RiSco currently has several projects in various stages of development.

RiSco Productions

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Scott Barlow wrote, directed and co-produced the independent feature film, The Last Late Night, which premiered at the Worldfest-Flagstaff Film Festival in November, 1999. The following year, he won the right to direct a ten-minute short, Crazy Like the Taz, for a digital film festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Both films have screened at numerous film festivals, and the Last Late Night has won several festival awards.

Email: scott.barlow@riscoproductions.com

Phone: (513) 479-0342

Rick Barlow helped Scott produce The Last Late Night. After a 33-year career in professional sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Rick found both the creative and business elements of filmmaking to be stimulating and rewarding. He and Scott continue to develop projects in film, video, and digital publishing.


Email: rick.barlow@riscoproductions.com

Phone: (513) 309-1693

Janet Scott Barlow, the third member of the Barlow RiSco team, had her hands on both of Scott’s films in one way or another. Janet is an established writer in her own right and the author of The Non-Patriotic President: A Survey of the Clinton Years.


Email: janet.barlow@riscoproductions.com

Phone: (513) 842-7474

Shelley Ash joined the RiSco team in 2002. Shelley manages the office and the thousand and one details of keeping everything on track.




Email: shelley.ash@riscoproductions.com

Phone: (513) 266-1708

The Last Late Night

Written & Directed By Scott Barlow
Produced By RiSco Productions
35mm/95 Minutes
Watch the Trailer | Official Website

“Scott Barlow’s comedy The Last Late Night featured memorable performances and sparkling dialogue, and it captured perfectly the feeling of being tempted by old friends into doing things that you know are bad for you.” – Noel Murray, Nashville Scene, 6/15/2000

“It has a smart script, some truly risky black humor, and three finely drawn lead characters. And the audience loved it. You could feel how excited people were to be seeing emerging talent. I was delighted the movie won the audience award…” – Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene, 6/15/2000

Crazy Like the Taz

Written & Directed By Scott Barlow
Produced By Flix On 66, July, 2000
Video/10 Minutes
Watch the Film

“A droll short film by Scott Barlow, the writer-director of the best feature entry in the 2000 festival, The Last Late Night. Although he doesn’t have room to develop things here, Barlow shows once again that he’s one of the most promising young filmmakers in America.  – Crazy Like the Taz is a hoot.” – Kevin Nance, Staff Writer, The Tennessean, 6/6/2001

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